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Mattresses. Our mattress products | evolving and improving

About mattresses. We’re constantly studying the sleep industry, new products, and the innovative technology that is being introduced for mattresses. And our complete line of mattress products reflects our research. We’re in business to give you a product …

  • That will truly change your life.
  • That will help you sleep well to live well.
  • That will give you YOUR BEST REST. It’s our purpose and it’s our promise.

You’ll LOVE how you feel after sleeping on a Dubuque Mattress creation!

Since 2003, when Dubuque Mattress Factory began anew, we have regularly added to the mattresses in our product line. Beginning with five different models to choose from, we now offer 16. That full product line ranges from a solid entry-level option to luxurious, high-end models. Add a Power Foundation and you’ll have features that will turn your sleep environment into a welcome, restful retreat at the end of the day.

Visit our Mattress Specs page for construction details and our Product Line page for pricing information. And as always, please visit us — in person — to experience a Dubuque Mattress for yourself. You’re invited to touch and feel the Dubuque Mattress Difference.