Our Latex Pillow. Latex is known for its soft, springy feel and instant response, as well as its superior pressure relief, with a bit more "pushback" compared to memory foam.

Customizable at any time after pillow purchase: we'll add latex or remove latex for your best comfort level.

Available sizes: Full/Queen + King.

Soft, resilient response
Consistent filling does not clump
Great for back and side sleepers
Traditional pillow feel with the resiliency of latex
Consistent filling does not shift or clump and has quick loft recovery
100% natural cotton removable cover


The Z Shredded Latex Pillow. Combining the resilient responsiveness of latex with the moldability of a traditional pillow, the Shredded Latex pillow is stuffed by cutting natural latex into small pieces for a consistent filling that does not shift or clump. Breathable, soft and with quick loft recovery, it sleeps comfortably all night. Accompanying the pillow is a 100% natural cotton removable cover that offers a crisp, clean, and breathable pillow surface.

Inner cover: 100% polyester
Outer cover: 100% cotton
Fill: 100% latex foam rubber

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