For the Rest of Your Life


Which mattress is right for you?

With so many great choices at Dubuque Mattress Factory, it can be hard to know which mattress product is right for your sleep needs. Let us help. We'll ask a few questions and give you a quick recommendation.

You test + decide.

So many beds. So many choices.

We'll help you make the best decision.

We design + build.

Our experienced builders will gather your chosen materials and expertly construct your mattress.

You rest + rejuvenate.

It's time to enjoy a better night's sleep with a Dubuque Mattress.

It's our promise!



You'll like him, too.

Doug Dolter | Owner

In 2003, Dubuquer Doug Dolter began offering Dubuque Mattress Factory's hand-crafted mattresses to the public. After learning the business from his dad, a long-time mattress builder himself, Doug continues to carry on the family tradition of providing a quality product at an affordable price.

He knows the mattress industry inside and out (literally, since he actually builds them!) and invites you to stop in the showroom to:

  • try out his extensive product line,
  • watch an actual mattress in the process of construction,
  • ask any questions you have,
  • get the Rest of Your Life.
for the rest of your life

A Dubuque Mattress builder at work

{ you can watch from the Dubuque Mattress Showroom }


Conveniently located in the heart of town.

In the heart of Dubuque, Iowa. In the heart of the Midwest. In the heart of our great country.

Just off Highway 20/Dodge Street across the road from another great company, Theisen's.

Front-door parking as you browse and test our quality mattress products. See you soon!


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  • Sun: 11a-4p

PHONE: 563.582.9144

For the Rest of Your Life


What our customers say:

Absolutely loved our experience with Dubuque Mattress Factory. Great no-pressure salesman and informative. The delivery gentlemen were so nice and very professional. I would highly recommend them!


We just experienced a terrific purchase experience all the way from the salesperson to the delivery personnel. We are confident that we have purchased a quality local manufactured mattress that would compete with major suppliers. We strongly support using this company.