We've been around a while!

The name “Dubuque Mattress Factory” has been around for a long time. In fact, since 1876. And it has a storied history that goes along with it:

  • In the late 1800s, products were shipped throughout Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Minnesota, Illinois, and Wisconsin. Dubuque Mattress was considered the pioneer wool mattress factory and the only one west of the Mississippi River.
  • The company was originally a wholesaler, but after weathering the Great Depression, the company — in about 1930 — began selling directly to individual customers, institutions, and retail customers. After a number of different owners and locations, the business officially closed in 1999.

Current ownership of Dubuque Mattress Factory

Entrepreneur Doug Dolter, a Dubuque native, started a business hand-crafting mattresses for the public in 2003. Using the name Dubuque Mattress Factory — with the former owner’s blessing — he continues to carry on the tradition of offering a quality product at an affordable price with the addition of a Lifetime Comfort Guarantee, an innovative level of long-term service.

He knows the mattress industry inside and out (literally, since he actually builds them!) and invites you to stop in the showroom to test the product line for yourself, maybe watch an actual mattress in the process of construction, and ask any questions you might have.

Doug is a graduate of Wahlert High School and is married to Melany.