"It continues to be an honor and a privilege for our business to support Special Spaces Dubuque."

-Doug Dolter, Owner

Bedroom Makeovers

About Special Spaces

Special Spaces, a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization, creates dream bedrooms for children with cancer.

When a child is diagnosed with cancer, it can change their world:

  • The activities that they used to enjoy may look and feel different.
  • They may not be able to do the things they really love.
  • They don’t play soccer, ride bikes, go to prom, or attend school.
  • Children with cancer spend a lot of time away from others; time in the hospital, visiting different doctors, receiving painful treatments, feeling tired and nauseous, and oftentimes being isolated.

Special Spaces' goal is to provide these children with a special space where they can not only sleep, relax, and recover, but also play and enjoy just being kids. A custom bedroom designed just for them.

Whether they're dreaming of a princess castle, a butterfly bedroom, a pirate ship, or a sports theme, Special Spaces transforms kids' existing bedrooms into places that only they can imagine. A place for them just to be kids!

May 2024

James's Dream Bedroom Makeover

Meet James. We helped create something super special for him!

James, the newest friend at Special Spaces!

James turned 4 the weekend of April 13-14.

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October 2023

Braxton's Dream Bedroom Makeover

In December 2021, Braxton's parents took him to Unity Point Clinic thinking he had pneumonia. After X-rays, it was discovered it wasn’t pneumonia after all. It was cancer.

August 2023

Zoe's Dream Bedroom Makeover

A boho eclectic room with pops of color and music!

The Big Reveal (08.27.23)

August 2023

Tripp's Dream Bedroom Makeover

A Spidey-inspired makeover!