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Wrapped coils put inner springs into bed’s comfort layers

By using these unique microcoils, Dubuque Mattress Factory can layer coils in the comfort layer, closer to the sleep surface. The result is the elimination of body impressions, one of the biggest challenges to both comfort and durability in the bedding industry.

Doug Dolter of Dubuque Mattress:

  It’s a win-win situation … both for us as a mattress manufacturer and for consumers who, in the past, have been frustrated with body impressions as their mattresses age. [For an even higher level of comfort, add innovative SomniGel™. Dubuque Mattress Factory recently introduced a new mattress model that incorporates SomniGel™. It’s called Breeze. More details about SomniGel™ are available on our SomniGel™ Page.]

  Comfort increases exponentially as coils are layered, providing us the ability to create a range of comfort in our mattress product offerings. And because microcoils provide 3-way stretch, they further enhance comfort. When the coils are welded together, not glued, the springs are completely flexible and move in a variety of directions, unlike most springs that just move up and down.


Quality materials made in America …
… in fact, quality materials made in America’s Heartland: Carthage, MO.

It all starts with our quality innerspring materials.

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